Best Performer Top 10 Company Profits In Q2 2021 – Highest Profit Here

Best Performer Top 10 Company Profits

Best Performer Top 10 Company Profits

Top 10 companies that can register more than 100% profit in Q2 21

Friends, good days may not have come in the country yet, but today I will talk about some companies for whom good days have come.Best Performer Top 10 Company Profits, These companies, beating all the predictions, Q2 2021 – which is finished in September, It can record more than 100% profit year on year basis. I am not saying this I will never tell you such things which are not verified or research backed, these are the leading research unlists of Hi desks,

Motilal Oswal, Depp works in companies such as Muff, Angel Broking, ICICI Securities. In today’s video, I will talk about these top 10 companies, if you have their shares, the party will be there. And if it is not, then after thinking well, feel about investing a little, why such an opportunity may not come twice.


Best Performer Top 10 Company Profits, CEAT companies, according to Motilal Oswal, can register a YoY profit of about 100% in Q2 21 and these amounts can be an average of 103.4 crores. These numbers are due to increasing demand. Besides, The company believes that after the construction of seven new Tabar / PCR plants, it will be able to produce more fasters, And with this the chances of getting more profit in Q3 2021 are very good due to rubber inflation.


Regarding Thermax, experts say that this company can report a profit of about 147% in Q2 21, which may be as much as 63 crores It is being called the tax cut. But experts say that one has to be a little careful before investing in this industry segment. Motilal Oswal says that the energy / environment segment will decline by 20% / 10% by next year, but the chemical segment will grow 10% yoy. Best Performer Top 10 Company Profits

Dalmia india

It can register a profit of 170 crores with a very high profit in the company – about 557% yoy growth. It is being called ABITDA 1204. Its volume can be 7% increase. You can also pay attention to the competitors of this segment, and take the decision to invest in them according to their performance.

India cement

This is a shocking result to come. India Cement can post around 900% yoy growth, But it is being said that volume may fall by 25%. Maharashtra and Karnataka cause volume drop And in the West Region, there is the work of overall repression.

But the cement industry has seen a lot of demand again Since then, and its direct impact has come on the business of India Cement. The entire segment of Cement and Construction is quite picky Can hold in Q3, and this can be a good investment option for all of you.

Ultratech cement

Best Performer Top 10 Company Profits,This is a company that has the eye of all investors. These companies can post a YoY profit of Rs. 1181 crore in Q2. There is more reason to trust this, as in this quarter it had acquired century assets which is considered a good deal, And after that, it took strong steps to reduce its power consumption which improved its margins.

The company’s debt situation is very good for the next 2 years, and no capex is planned. It is currently 11.0x FY22E EV / EBITDA – a 15% discount to its 10-year average as well as a 35% discount to peer Shree Cement (v / s historical average of 10%), But it is being traded. Because of this, investors believe that it will go up in the coming days.

Laurus lab

This company can post a profit of 183 crores with almost 233% growth. A fairly good growth rate of the Chemical Synthesis segment is being expected – around 49%. 24% growth is also being expected in the API segment.

ICICI bank

According to Kotak Securities ICICI Bank’s YoYprofit is about 547% increase. ICICI Bank’s loan growth may slow up to 6% but net interest margin will be stable on quarterly quarterly basis.
Experts say that the amount of provisions will be reduced due to Kovid, and no provisions like Q1 will be kept. But there may be major restructuring in Q4 from ICICI Bank which can bring a big change.


Hindalco can also report 100% YoY profit after tax. This is to be a demand increase of Reason Aluminum and Copper. And with this, there has been a lot of increase in demand after Lokdhon.


In the midst of the news of change, the Spakal may register 100% YoY profit, to be a normal margin improvement, Predictions of Steady Troupeaut remain stable and a 10% drop in domestic sales volumes from Kotak Securities.


Best Performer Top 10 Company Profits, The IOC can register 300% YoY profits, it is likely to have margins decline, progress to improve 12% and a 13% decrease in domestic sales. So friends, do your research on these companies and if it is right, then also invest, because after registering this profit, their shares Chances of going ahead. Apart from this, Kovid numbers are working,

Economic activity has started in the country, the biggest thing is that the festival season is about to start and people are focusing on demand, Consumer spends are increasing, the fortunes of big companies will definitely go up, you have to be ready so that you can take maximum advantage of it. Best Performer Top 10 Company Profits