Reliance Qualcomm Deal 5G in India, Mukesh Ambani’s Made in India 5G

Reliance Qualcomm Deal 5G in India

Reliance Qualcomm Deal 5G in India

5G in India – Reliance, and Qualcomm will bring Made in India 5G. Do you know what the actual meaning of 5G is? Do you know After the arrival of 5G, what benefits can happen in India? Do you know that the Reliance government has requested that India 2G communication should be completely eliminated so that 5G service can be improved? What will be the impact of 5G in your life, Telecom In the industry, in the tech sector, and in the share market? In today’s article, we will talk about these topics and the Article must end Watch and also subscribe to the site.

What is 5G?

Reliance Qualcomm Deal 5G in India, 5G-Mobile is the new standard of broadband. Like before, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, and mobile communication have been revolutionized, however, 5G is the most advanced version of all these mobile technologies. Now with What difference does it make What is your mobile internet speed now? 10 Mbps? Can you imagine a data speed of 1 gigabyte per second Can? If not, do it, because 5G will bring such mobile internet speed for you. And bring with it many more Facilities, such as flame latency calls,

the power to connect all your smart devices together with any device from anywhere The power of communicating will make the new devices of virtual reality and augmented reality more interactive 5G. Gaming 5G will bring the biggest good news to the people, why 5G will change the gaming completely, through the headsets if you play online RPG games, then you only think how interesting this will be. So one thing is fixed, 5G is good news for everyone, now the question is when will it come? Reliance Qualcomm Deal 5G in India

Reliance will bring 5G

You all know that Reliance Jio, the largest telecom company in the country, has around 400 million customers and users. in-country. Radissis is that based company of Reliance. And Jio and Radisis made the world no 1. Mobile Chip Manufacturing Company There is a dump with Qualcomm. In this announcement made on 21 st October, it was said that Qualcomm and Reliance together Will start 5G testing in India and create a new 5G network in India. Reliance Qualcomm Deal 5G in India, Reliance says that this 5G network inter- Will be operable, and software will be defined network.

Reliance Qualcomm Deal 5G in India

This means that any other mobile operator like Airtel or voda if If the network wants to do it for its users, then Reliance will also let them do it. But how will this happen? The architecture layer of 5G is making it so that Reliance and Qualcomm will be scalable and the software will be defined.

Like a builder flat It is made, he completes and sells it, you and I live in that flat and buy it or take it to sand. i.e The builder will build the infrastructure and will be able to do it by another company. This is what Reliance wants to do. This would mean that Reliance wants to be the only player in 5G. And if this happens, what will be the effect on the market?

What will happen to the telecom sector?

Friends, Reliance had already told the Indian government that the country would have to be free to bring 5G; But Vodafone was opposed. Vodafone was going through a very bad phase for many days anyway, after facing loss in 4 consecutive quarters. If he got relief in the verdict when he was told that he would be able to pay his day in 10 years. He then Major Restructured and the promising idea was rebranded. Now, what is the relationship of 5G with 2G free? It is such that the spectrum allocation of 5G is only Will be successful when all the major operators will get a very large bandwidth of 10-15 MHZ.

It will be possible only when the old 2G And by deleting the 3G spectrum, the fresh spectrum will be formatted around the central frequency of 3.6 seconds. Now if this If done, then the telecommunications companies who are unable to spend 5G will be closed, that is, the entire matter of India’s telecom sector is in leadership.

And this is the only thing due to which people are still a little afraid that if the monopoly of the organism in 5G Done, if Airtel and Vodafone had to depend on Jio for 5G service architecture, then it is a very big problem. Can. The telecom sector in the country can be monopolized and there is a lot of chance of bad effects in the entire market.

What is the future

Reliance Qualcomm Deal 5G in India government has not talked about Vodafone’s opposition in restructuring 2G, Reliance has also launched a 5G date Has not announced The only reason for this is that testing of 5G will have to be successful first. Reliance joins Qualcomm The statement said that they have achieved a data transmission speed of 1 Gig byte per second Already. But still them It can take a long time to build a complete network architecture. And that’s why there was no non-payment of the date. But one thing is fixed, live The country’s largest player is in telecom.

Airtel has recently done a deal with its big satellite company to give it a lot of leverage can give. Vodafone is still in the battle of Tide. Then it seems that the country’s telecom sector is finally a duopoly or Will goes towards Monopoly itself, and together with all the people Will robs you. But until this happens, till then, you and I will not have to face the problem of bad internet, call drops, and overpricing.

Why 5G When it comes, Price will also bring 5G. So for those who are thinking that good days are coming, Kehru pockets are full, then any day Sounds good, but if you have a light pocket, then open a quick Demat account to invest in it and invest in the stock market Start with Angel Broking, the country’s most trusted broker. Reliance Qualcomm Deal 5G in India.