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MIDCAP Portfolio

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In this, I will explain MIDCAP Portfolio, how Q3 for Midcap Cement Companies And Q4 2021 can be a very good time, how Q2 results have indicated that in the coming days The midcap cement industry is going to go through a good phase. So watch the Article till the end and write the Article, Share, subscribe for sure.

Midcap Cement companies and Q2 results

MIdcap Portfolio, Midca companies are those whose market valuation or market capitalization is within $ 2 billion to $ 10 billion. Midcap companies are quite lucrative for investors because they offer regular profits and their shares are also available in a very affordable price range, That is, if you do not have to invest too much, then you can invest in midcap. Now come to the midcap companies in the Indian cement industry. A cement in this segment, Ultra Tech Cement, Shree Cement, Ambuja Cement, Hinduja Cement, Dalmia Bharat Cement, These is the players.

I have shown their market caps in the graphics below. As you can see, all the major cement shares are seen going up. This shows that demand has returned to the manufacturing segment of India. Now let’s get to the 2 results. The cement is the most interesting player in this segment. This is said by Geojit Analytics.

His analysis has come after watching Q2 results. Q2 In 2021, cement reported an increase of 0.26% in net consolidated profit. MIDCAP Portfolio, You must be thinking that this is not a big number. But keep in mind that these numbers have come at the time of Kovid 19 Pandemic Lockdown. That is, when all work was stopped, or when the economic activity started slowly in Q2, then a cement Earned profit due to its infrastructure and distribution.

what does this mean? The simple thing is that the cement company which has a good distribution network will earn a very good profit. Aks has expanded its distributor network in the East and North East. Cement also has its operating cust It has been optimized such that there is a chance of more proficiency in Q3 and Q4.

Q3 and Q4 are going to be even more interesting because Kovid Pandemic’s Lockdown Almost is over, Demand for construction is back in rural areas, major infra projects in urban areas like real estate and government construction The work has also started again and its speed is going to be lost in the coming days. One indicates that in the cement industry Overall demand is going to increase. And that’s why there will be a surge in stocks, this is also common sense.

The technical analysis of cement is also “very bullish”, which means that it will go to stock only. Now understand what is the correct strategy to invest in such midcap stocks. It is simple, if you are thinking of the short term, then do not pay attention to it at all. But if there is a plan for long term investment and the intention of long term benefit, then cement and such midcap connect industry Players can make your MIDCAP Portfolio, portfolio very strong.

Right now if you are thinking that this much money is yet to be invested, then, let me tell you the straight path, even the low price players like Ramco, Jk Laxmi Cement, Shree Cement, all of them have given very good performance in Q2. T

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