Stimulus package update

Stimulus package update | Stimulus Package Part 2 – Is Fall Again?

Stimulus package update

Stimulus package update, At present, the 6th month of Lokdhon is going on in India and still the situation is not normal. The Indian public had seen the number of 20 lakh crores in Economic Stimulus 1, and had seen how its direct impact did not come to the people of low income group. Just yesterday, Nirmala Sitharaman, who is the finance minister of the country, has announced the 2nd Stimulus Package on 13th October and the S Stimulus Package has also confirmed. The most interesting thing in this is that you have been told that if you want to save money,

then you have to multiply the cost by 3 times. Yes, you heard right, if you want to save money, then the cost will have to be increased 3 times. Do you think that the low-income public of the country will get any benefit from this? What should be the correct stimulus? When will the country’s economy be able to recover? When will the people of the country again be able to gather the confidence to spend hot money? To answer all these questions, you will have to Read my Article in full and subscribe to my channel.

Stimulus Package 2.1 – LTA Cash Voucher Scheme

Stimulus package update, What is this scheme? It is such that the government employees could sell their leaves and take cash income in exchange for this, so the fund seems good now because Lokdhon will not be able to take any leave. Then it is good to enlighten him. But the biggest question among all of you is that this is only for those doing government jobs, what about people like you and me who do their own business or private jobs? So let me tell you that many private companies also run such cash for leave scheme so that you can envy your leaves.

But then what about those who have the billow nature line, the daily wage laborers, who go out every day with the goods in the cart and spend their day and family by the day’s earnings? So let me tell you that nothing has been said or done for these people in this Stimulus package. But if you are thinking that this 28000 crore Lata cash voucher program is very good for government employees, then it is not as good as it looks in India.

Why? Why the government has also imposed a condition in which the pocket will be emptied in the course of doing the fulfillment. Suppose you are a government employee, you are getting Lata cashback of Total 1 lakh. Now Sarkar needs 30A from this, according to the tax, you will say that it is too much, then I can tell the other condition, this is 30% tax – for those who fall in the 30% tax bracket, ie high income People, ie 10-15% of all the employees.

So the plan failed halfway here. But this does not end, the government has given such a scheme that you do not have to pay this 30K tax, ie tax saving scheme, but how will it happen? If you have to save 30K, you will have to spend 1 lakh, 3 times your cashback amount i.e. 3 lakh, and how much will you have to spend? You will have to buy goods with 12% or more patented, and only from the registered patrol vendor of Sarkar.

Practical example Stimulus package update,

Understand that you are eligible for business travel, and you can get a benefit of up-down i.e. 30K. Now if you have 3 more people in your family, then you will get Lata ie Leave Travel Allowance for them too. Total is 30 x 4 = 120 k ie 1 lakh 20 thousand. Now if you want to save tax deducted from it, then you have to pay 120 k3 = 360 kins. If it looks wrong of 12%, then 43200 INR. Now you have to pay this money from your pocket, then you have to spend total 403200 INR and how much will you get tax benefit? 36000 INR.

Now you are sensible enough, then see that there is no benefit in this plan of the government, only the expenses are the expenses. And the people who spend this money are dependent on whether they will take this scheme or not, but will not take according to our research and that is, the government will encourage the consolidation of the plan, so that the bussiness comes back, the spanding is big and demand increase , If it is going to happen, then the traders do not have much hope from this scheme, like the rest of the government plan, this plan is also in the airway and it is impossible to get it right after taking it down.

Stimulus Package Update 2.2 – Festive Advance Scheme

When even the worst student of the school copies the best student, he still copies it wrong because he does not know if the answer will be correct by copying. Something similar has happened to his finance minister, who has come out with a plan from Dhond or under his own land that was probably in your or my father’s time. What was that plan?

At the time of festive season i.e. Diwali, one month bonus salary was given to the employees of government banks, and they had to pay this advance money slowly throughout the year. This scheme has been brought back, in a new way, for all government employees, and behind this, 8000 crore rupees is being spent which will be raised by the Center and State Government.

The belief of all the research team is that it will boost the festive sparing a little, because its reach will be more and people will also take this risk. But the question comes, then why should it cost 8000 crores behind it? Sarkar has no answer to this.

What was it supposed to be?

I am not an economist, so I cannot say whether an economic policy should be honey, but due to being associated with the market, some things are understood, and the investor himself can understand the pain of a common investor. So some things that Shay will say

1 Lower – Middle income group tax should be deducted immediately. It is these people who do major contributions in the country’s revenue, the country runs with their tax, now when they do not have jobs or busines, then the country should help them. How many people do government jobs in the country? Why are only those working in government jobs being helped? Don’t the common public like me and you need money? Tax cut or tax relief is one way that everyone will get relief, and people will start their work without fear.

2 In order to restart small business, the government should provide loans at least the interest rate, not through NBFCs, through government banks, their risk assessment should be done and loans should be given accordingly.

3 vacant government posts should be filled immediately, unemployed youth of the country who are wasting 24 hours to earn money from mobile, if they are admitted in technical or railway or construction or engineering or any government office, special when millions of people In such offices it is lying, then the economy will automatically come up, why young people will earn money, then they will spend, then your demand will increase.

Strict guidelines should be brought for 4 private companies so that they do not have to buy their employees by Tata Tata. Why can’t a million dollar company bear 4 months of loss? If this is the case, then he should not allow the company to do business. When profit is made, the entire profit company puts it on its account in the name of growth, when there is loss, the employees are immediately given out in the name of cost cutting. It means that it is up to the employer to die, there should be strict law against it.

If you, I and all of us, raise our voice, then only the common people of the country will reach the public, otherwise they will continue to be noisy, nothing will save money in the hands of one issue today and another issue tomorrow, and these Stimulus Impatical solutions will be given repeatedly in the name of the package. So friends Stay Informed, Stay Invested. Stimulus package update,

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