India GDP per capita 2020

India GDP per capita 2020, IMF Report Bangladesh is ahead of India in capita on GDP?

India GDP per capita 2020, IMF Prediction of Indian economy condition

Friends, the saying is that when the elephant falls in the mud, the ant also moves on it, it would not be right to call a country small or big, but according to the volume and size of the economy, there would have been a huge difference between Bangladesh and India. It was once upon a time, but the mud of Kovid has brought even such a huge economy of India to the ground.

According to data from the International Monetary Fund, ie, GDP growth in 2020 will outstrip Bangladesh by foot capita, this is seen to be the first time in the history of both countries. In today’s video, I will tell you what the full truth of this is, how much headline grubbing is this news and what is the truth really? But for that, watch the entire video till the end and subscribe to the channel

GDP per capita – 2020 & Covid

Friends first check the data. According to the IMF-World Economic Outlook (Wave), the GDP foot capita would grow by 4% to $ 1888 by the end of 2020 and India’s GDP pay capita would be $ 1877 by the end of 2020. This record of 10.5% of India from the prediction of the Decline is quite a question among the people of the whole country, how did this happen? However, how can a small country like Bangladesh, which became independent in 1971, leave India behind? Then it is already a prediction of Kehru, i.e. looking at the present data.

IMF statistians have said that these numbers can be like this. And one thing Miff also said that has not come to the headline, India’s GDP foot capita can grow to $ 2030 at a rate of 8.3% in 2021, and the same as Bangladesh’s 2021 GDP foot capita, to 5.4%. Will reach $ 1990. That is, in 2021, these numbers will change, but this is also prediction, and one thing is true that there is not much difference between these two numbers, then I will tell you how these numbers have reached so close, how India has lost its lead And what will be the effect in the future.

Bangladesh aur China Trade

India GDP per capita 2020, During the corona virus, the biggest shock to a country is that it is India, whether it is the patients of the corona virus or the economy, India has had to face problems with record numbers from both sides. But on the same side, Bangladesh does not appear to have much zeal in the corona. The reason for this is the good relations of China and Bangladesh and the export sector of Bangladesh. Trade in China and Bangladesh is around $ 15 billion,

India and Bangladesh’s trade is around 1 / 3rd of it. That is, Bangladesh has got the most support from China. And because of this, Bangladesh has registered a GDP growth rate of 8-9% in the last 5 years, India is stuck at the same growth rate of 3.2%. And this is the reason that in 2015 when India’s GDP used to be 40 times that of Bangladesh, the same GDP is going to be less than Bangladesh till the end of 2020.

India vs China

Friends, the 3rd World War will never be fought on the field, it will be fought either digitally, or economically, and with the help of our experts, this Economic 3rd World War has started. China started doing a lot of investment in the boarding countries of India like Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan from the start of this decade. China’s funding in Pakistan has increased so much that experts believe that Pakistan’s government is now only a shadow government, I am the player China.

There was a similar situation in Sri Lanka. In Bangladesh too, China had kept a lot of investment. The first result of this investment was incremental exports, export of consumer goods and electronic goods. In the fashion sector, the workforce of Bangladesh is named all over the world and everyone knows that the workforce is applied for so little expenditure, like Chinese tech. Workers are exploited in factories, double triple work is done in low payments. It is called Cheap Labore, and Bangladesh was already a very poor country, their 166 million population was too much for them, and hence it was easy to exploit the workforce.

And China has taken this opportunity. Bangladesh itself has also opened manufacturing units of major major US based and Europe based fashion brands, where there was a fierce fire a few days ago and many people have lost their lives. I mean to say that India is facing an economic war from all sides,

where all the countries and neighbors are competing against its busines and exports through chaper services. And that is the reason why there is no shortage in the exports of Bangladesh in Corona Lokhoun, where India closed the whole country, and because of this the economy of the country will come to Syed Decline, but Bangladesh’s exports were on and only a few Except imports, the other sectors were not affected.

It has become possible because Bangladesh is a small size country, so it is easy to monitor and implement many things. Apart from this, China and Bangladesh have a very poor record in the case of LABOR Human Rights, even some such data does not appear to be from Corona’s actual impact on the health of the workforce. The simple thing is that perhaps by playing his life, he has kept his exports and busineses on the corona, and due to the consumer drive economy, he is getting the benefit of the same. If we talk about industrial growth and manufacturing,

India GDP per capita 2020, if we talk about the overall busines of the country, then many good stepsindia have taken it and now it is to see how India bounces back in 2021. Only the jumlas will not feed the economy or the economy will not work, the situation in the situation is bad, the country workforce is very worried about what will happen tomorrow, NBFCs are going through all the bad times, car manufacturers are sitting on their heads, why? People do not want to spend money, because the income is not guaranteed, from above it has lost the life of small traders. So there is such a war all around against India’s economy,

how India handles it will be a matter to be seen. Only the business of IT companies is going on in the country and that too, how long will it last? There is no guarantee and not everyone can work in an IT company. How much the finance minister of the country knows about finance is also a big issue, because the way in which she is designing plans and stimulus, it seems that something has become like a khichdi in which no one is benefited.

So what is the way? Will the people of the country have to save themselves? Is becoming self-reliant the only way back? To get the answer, we have to wait until 2021 March, and until the corona is over. Till then stay connected with the channel and press the subscribe and like button. India GDP per capita 2020,

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