Which Best shares to Buy Today in Hindi

Which Best shares to Buy Today in Hindi

Which Best shares to Buy Today in Hindi

Friends, today we will talk Which Best shares to Buy Today in Hindi, Friends, the next day ie on 26/10/2020 we will execute the trade sunpharma and axisbank in stock.
If the buy is entry level execution then we will do the buy and if the selling level is executed then
we will do the sell.if level is not exact, meaning there is no level breakout or breakdown, then we will not trade.

So guys, now we will see sunpharma share price target or axisbank share price target with sunpharma share stoploss or axisbank stock stop-loss. Which Best shares to Buy Today in Hindi


SUNPHARMA Stock Buy Entry Level Stoploss or Target

Which Best shares to Buy Today in Hindi

SUNPHARMA Share Sell Entry Level Stop-loss or Target

Which Best shares to Buy Today in Hindi

AXISBANK Share Buy Entry Level Stop-loss or Target

Which Best shares to Buy Today in Hindi

AXISBANK Stock Sell Entry Level Stoploss or Target

Which Best shares to Buy Today in Hindi

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Reliance Qualcomm Deal 5G in India, Mukesh Ambani’s Made in India 5G

Reliance Qualcomm Deal 5G in India

Reliance Qualcomm Deal 5G in India

5G in India – Reliance, and Qualcomm will bring Made in India 5G. Do you know what the actual meaning of 5G is? Do you know After the arrival of 5G, what benefits can happen in India? Do you know that the Reliance government has requested that India 2G communication should be completely eliminated so that 5G service can be improved? What will be the impact of 5G in your life, Telecom In the industry, in the tech sector, and in the share market? In today’s article, we will talk about these topics and the Article must end Watch and also subscribe to the site.

What is 5G?

Reliance Qualcomm Deal 5G in India, 5G-Mobile is the new standard of broadband. Like before, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, and mobile communication have been revolutionized, however, 5G is the most advanced version of all these mobile technologies. Now with What difference does it make What is your mobile internet speed now? 10 Mbps? Can you imagine a data speed of 1 gigabyte per second Can? If not, do it, because 5G will bring such mobile internet speed for you. And bring with it many more Facilities, such as flame latency calls,

the power to connect all your smart devices together with any device from anywhere The power of communicating will make the new devices of virtual reality and augmented reality more interactive 5G. Gaming 5G will bring the biggest good news to the people, why 5G will change the gaming completely, through the headsets if you play online RPG games, then you only think how interesting this will be. So one thing is fixed, 5G is good news for everyone, now the question is when will it come? Reliance Qualcomm Deal 5G in India

Reliance will bring 5G

You all know that Reliance Jio, the largest telecom company in the country, has around 400 million customers and users. in-country. Radissis is that based company of Reliance. And Jio and Radisis made the world no 1. Mobile Chip Manufacturing Company There is a dump with Qualcomm. In this announcement made on 21 st October, it was said that Qualcomm and Reliance together Will start 5G testing in India and create a new 5G network in India. Reliance Qualcomm Deal 5G in India, Reliance says that this 5G network inter- Will be operable, and software will be defined network.

Reliance Qualcomm Deal 5G in India

This means that any other mobile operator like Airtel or voda if If the network wants to do it for its users, then Reliance will also let them do it. But how will this happen? The architecture layer of 5G is making it so that Reliance and Qualcomm will be scalable and the software will be defined.

Like a builder flat It is made, he completes and sells it, you and I live in that flat and buy it or take it to sand. i.e The builder will build the infrastructure and will be able to do it by another company. This is what Reliance wants to do. This would mean that Reliance wants to be the only player in 5G. And if this happens, what will be the effect on the market?

What will happen to the telecom sector?

Friends, Reliance had already told the Indian government that the country would have to be free to bring 5G; But Vodafone was opposed. Vodafone was going through a very bad phase for many days anyway, after facing loss in 4 consecutive quarters. If he got relief in the verdict when he was told that he would be able to pay his day in 10 years. He then Major Restructured and the promising idea was rebranded. Now, what is the relationship of 5G with 2G free? It is such that the spectrum allocation of 5G is only Will be successful when all the major operators will get a very large bandwidth of 10-15 MHZ.

It will be possible only when the old 2G And by deleting the 3G spectrum, the fresh spectrum will be formatted around the central frequency of 3.6 seconds. Now if this If done, then the telecommunications companies who are unable to spend 5G will be closed, that is, the entire matter of India’s telecom sector is in leadership.

And this is the only thing due to which people are still a little afraid that if the monopoly of the organism in 5G Done, if Airtel and Vodafone had to depend on Jio for 5G service architecture, then it is a very big problem. Can. The telecom sector in the country can be monopolized and there is a lot of chance of bad effects in the entire market.

What is the future

Reliance Qualcomm Deal 5G in India government has not talked about Vodafone’s opposition in restructuring 2G, Reliance has also launched a 5G date Has not announced The only reason for this is that testing of 5G will have to be successful first. Reliance joins Qualcomm The statement said that they have achieved a data transmission speed of 1 Gig byte per second Already. But still them It can take a long time to build a complete network architecture. And that’s why there was no non-payment of the date. But one thing is fixed, live The country’s largest player is in telecom.

Airtel has recently done a deal with its big satellite company to give it a lot of leverage can give. Vodafone is still in the battle of Tide. Then it seems that the country’s telecom sector is finally a duopoly or Will goes towards Monopoly itself, and together with all the people Will robs you. But until this happens, till then, you and I will not have to face the problem of bad internet, call drops, and overpricing.

Why 5G When it comes, Price will also bring 5G. So for those who are thinking that good days are coming, Kehru pockets are full, then any day Sounds good, but if you have a light pocket, then open a quick Demat account to invest in it and invest in the stock market Start with Angel Broking, the country’s most trusted broker. Reliance Qualcomm Deal 5G in India.

MIDCAP Portfolio | Cement Industry Analysis | Midcap Cement Company Shares

MIdcap Portfolio

MIDCAP Portfolio

Friends, every article says something, and what I will say in this article, you are benefiting from it or you will also benefit in the future, So I request you to subscribe to my blog and share my article.
What I am going to say in today’s article can prove to be very good for your portfolio. H2 This Article for 2021 can make your portfolio green.

In this, I will explain MIDCAP Portfolio, how Q3 for Midcap Cement Companies And Q4 2021 can be a very good time, how Q2 results have indicated that in the coming days The midcap cement industry is going to go through a good phase. So watch the Article till the end and write the Article, Share, subscribe for sure.

Midcap Cement companies and Q2 results

MIdcap Portfolio, Midca companies are those whose market valuation or market capitalization is within $ 2 billion to $ 10 billion. Midcap companies are quite lucrative for investors because they offer regular profits and their shares are also available in a very affordable price range, That is, if you do not have to invest too much, then you can invest in midcap. Now come to the midcap companies in the Indian cement industry. A cement in this segment, Ultra Tech Cement, Shree Cement, Ambuja Cement, Hinduja Cement, Dalmia Bharat Cement, These is the players.

I have shown their market caps in the graphics below. As you can see, all the major cement shares are seen going up. This shows that demand has returned to the manufacturing segment of India. Now let’s get to the 2 results. The cement is the most interesting player in this segment. This is said by Geojit Analytics.

His analysis has come after watching Q2 results. Q2 In 2021, cement reported an increase of 0.26% in net consolidated profit. MIDCAP Portfolio, You must be thinking that this is not a big number. But keep in mind that these numbers have come at the time of Kovid 19 Pandemic Lockdown. That is, when all work was stopped, or when the economic activity started slowly in Q2, then a cement Earned profit due to its infrastructure and distribution.

what does this mean? The simple thing is that the cement company which has a good distribution network will earn a very good profit. Aks has expanded its distributor network in the East and North East. Cement also has its operating cust It has been optimized such that there is a chance of more proficiency in Q3 and Q4.

Q3 and Q4 are going to be even more interesting because Kovid Pandemic’s Lockdown Almost is over, Demand for construction is back in rural areas, major infra projects in urban areas like real estate and government construction The work has also started again and its speed is going to be lost in the coming days. One indicates that in the cement industry Overall demand is going to increase. And that’s why there will be a surge in stocks, this is also common sense.

The technical analysis of cement is also “very bullish”, which means that it will go to stock only. Now understand what is the correct strategy to invest in such midcap stocks. It is simple, if you are thinking of the short term, then do not pay attention to it at all. But if there is a plan for long term investment and the intention of long term benefit, then cement and such midcap connect industry Players can make your MIDCAP Portfolio, portfolio very strong.

Right now if you are thinking that this much money is yet to be invested, then, let me tell you the straight path, even the low price players like Ramco, Jk Laxmi Cement, Shree Cement, all of them have given very good performance in Q2. T

the hat is, if you want to see a storing mid-cap profile, then this is a sector where you can invest easily and easily. So guys, if this article of mine worked for you, please subscribe to my blog, and in the below description Open your free Demat account today by clicking on the link given in Angel Broking. MIdcap Portfolio

Best Performer Top 10 Company Profits In Q2 2021 – Highest Profit Here

Best Performer Top 10 Company Profits

Best Performer Top 10 Company Profits

Top 10 companies that can register more than 100% profit in Q2 21

Friends, good days may not have come in the country yet, but today I will talk about some companies for whom good days have come.Best Performer Top 10 Company Profits, These companies, beating all the predictions, Q2 2021 – which is finished in September, It can record more than 100% profit year on year basis. I am not saying this I will never tell you such things which are not verified or research backed, these are the leading research unlists of Hi desks,

Motilal Oswal, Depp works in companies such as Muff, Angel Broking, ICICI Securities. In today’s video, I will talk about these top 10 companies, if you have their shares, the party will be there. And if it is not, then after thinking well, feel about investing a little, why such an opportunity may not come twice.


Best Performer Top 10 Company Profits, CEAT companies, according to Motilal Oswal, can register a YoY profit of about 100% in Q2 21 and these amounts can be an average of 103.4 crores. These numbers are due to increasing demand. Besides, The company believes that after the construction of seven new Tabar / PCR plants, it will be able to produce more fasters, And with this the chances of getting more profit in Q3 2021 are very good due to rubber inflation.


Regarding Thermax, experts say that this company can report a profit of about 147% in Q2 21, which may be as much as 63 crores It is being called the tax cut. But experts say that one has to be a little careful before investing in this industry segment. Motilal Oswal says that the energy / environment segment will decline by 20% / 10% by next year, but the chemical segment will grow 10% yoy. Best Performer Top 10 Company Profits

Dalmia india

It can register a profit of 170 crores with a very high profit in the company – about 557% yoy growth. It is being called ABITDA 1204. Its volume can be 7% increase. You can also pay attention to the competitors of this segment, and take the decision to invest in them according to their performance.

India cement

This is a shocking result to come. India Cement can post around 900% yoy growth, But it is being said that volume may fall by 25%. Maharashtra and Karnataka cause volume drop And in the West Region, there is the work of overall repression.

But the cement industry has seen a lot of demand again Since then, and its direct impact has come on the business of India Cement. The entire segment of Cement and Construction is quite picky Can hold in Q3, and this can be a good investment option for all of you.

Ultratech cement

Best Performer Top 10 Company Profits,This is a company that has the eye of all investors. These companies can post a YoY profit of Rs. 1181 crore in Q2. There is more reason to trust this, as in this quarter it had acquired century assets which is considered a good deal, And after that, it took strong steps to reduce its power consumption which improved its margins.

The company’s debt situation is very good for the next 2 years, and no capex is planned. It is currently 11.0x FY22E EV / EBITDA – a 15% discount to its 10-year average as well as a 35% discount to peer Shree Cement (v / s historical average of 10%), But it is being traded. Because of this, investors believe that it will go up in the coming days.

Laurus lab

This company can post a profit of 183 crores with almost 233% growth. A fairly good growth rate of the Chemical Synthesis segment is being expected – around 49%. 24% growth is also being expected in the API segment.

ICICI bank

According to Kotak Securities ICICI Bank’s YoYprofit is about 547% increase. ICICI Bank’s loan growth may slow up to 6% but net interest margin will be stable on quarterly quarterly basis.
Experts say that the amount of provisions will be reduced due to Kovid, and no provisions like Q1 will be kept. But there may be major restructuring in Q4 from ICICI Bank which can bring a big change.


Hindalco can also report 100% YoY profit after tax. This is to be a demand increase of Reason Aluminum and Copper. And with this, there has been a lot of increase in demand after Lokdhon.


In the midst of the news of change, the Spakal may register 100% YoY profit, to be a normal margin improvement, Predictions of Steady Troupeaut remain stable and a 10% drop in domestic sales volumes from Kotak Securities.


Best Performer Top 10 Company Profits, The IOC can register 300% YoY profits, it is likely to have margins decline, progress to improve 12% and a 13% decrease in domestic sales. So friends, do your research on these companies and if it is right, then also invest, because after registering this profit, their shares Chances of going ahead. Apart from this, Kovid numbers are working,

Economic activity has started in the country, the biggest thing is that the festival season is about to start and people are focusing on demand, Consumer spends are increasing, the fortunes of big companies will definitely go up, you have to be ready so that you can take maximum advantage of it. Best Performer Top 10 Company Profits

Stimulus package update | Stimulus Package Part 2 – Is Fall Again?

Stimulus package update

Stimulus package update

Stimulus package update, At present, the 6th month of Lokdhon is going on in India and still the situation is not normal. The Indian public had seen the number of 20 lakh crores in Economic Stimulus 1, and had seen how its direct impact did not come to the people of low income group. Just yesterday, Nirmala Sitharaman, who is the finance minister of the country, has announced the 2nd Stimulus Package on 13th October and the S Stimulus Package has also confirmed. The most interesting thing in this is that you have been told that if you want to save money,

then you have to multiply the cost by 3 times. Yes, you heard right, if you want to save money, then the cost will have to be increased 3 times. Do you think that the low-income public of the country will get any benefit from this? What should be the correct stimulus? When will the country’s economy be able to recover? When will the people of the country again be able to gather the confidence to spend hot money? To answer all these questions, you will have to Read my Article in full and subscribe to my channel.

Stimulus Package 2.1 – LTA Cash Voucher Scheme

Stimulus package update, What is this scheme? It is such that the government employees could sell their leaves and take cash income in exchange for this, so the fund seems good now because Lokdhon will not be able to take any leave. Then it is good to enlighten him. But the biggest question among all of you is that this is only for those doing government jobs, what about people like you and me who do their own business or private jobs? So let me tell you that many private companies also run such cash for leave scheme so that you can envy your leaves.

But then what about those who have the billow nature line, the daily wage laborers, who go out every day with the goods in the cart and spend their day and family by the day’s earnings? So let me tell you that nothing has been said or done for these people in this Stimulus package. But if you are thinking that this 28000 crore Lata cash voucher program is very good for government employees, then it is not as good as it looks in India.

Why? Why the government has also imposed a condition in which the pocket will be emptied in the course of doing the fulfillment. Suppose you are a government employee, you are getting Lata cashback of Total 1 lakh. Now Sarkar needs 30A from this, according to the tax, you will say that it is too much, then I can tell the other condition, this is 30% tax – for those who fall in the 30% tax bracket, ie high income People, ie 10-15% of all the employees.

So the plan failed halfway here. But this does not end, the government has given such a scheme that you do not have to pay this 30K tax, ie tax saving scheme, but how will it happen? If you have to save 30K, you will have to spend 1 lakh, 3 times your cashback amount i.e. 3 lakh, and how much will you have to spend? You will have to buy goods with 12% or more patented, and only from the registered patrol vendor of Sarkar.

Practical example Stimulus package update,

Understand that you are eligible for business travel, and you can get a benefit of up-down i.e. 30K. Now if you have 3 more people in your family, then you will get Lata ie Leave Travel Allowance for them too. Total is 30 x 4 = 120 k ie 1 lakh 20 thousand. Now if you want to save tax deducted from it, then you have to pay 120 k3 = 360 kins. If it looks wrong of 12%, then 43200 INR. Now you have to pay this money from your pocket, then you have to spend total 403200 INR and how much will you get tax benefit? 36000 INR.

Now you are sensible enough, then see that there is no benefit in this plan of the government, only the expenses are the expenses. And the people who spend this money are dependent on whether they will take this scheme or not, but will not take according to our research and that is, the government will encourage the consolidation of the plan, so that the bussiness comes back, the spanding is big and demand increase , If it is going to happen, then the traders do not have much hope from this scheme, like the rest of the government plan, this plan is also in the airway and it is impossible to get it right after taking it down.

Stimulus Package Update 2.2 – Festive Advance Scheme

When even the worst student of the school copies the best student, he still copies it wrong because he does not know if the answer will be correct by copying. Something similar has happened to his finance minister, who has come out with a plan from Dhond or under his own land that was probably in your or my father’s time. What was that plan?

At the time of festive season i.e. Diwali, one month bonus salary was given to the employees of government banks, and they had to pay this advance money slowly throughout the year. This scheme has been brought back, in a new way, for all government employees, and behind this, 8000 crore rupees is being spent which will be raised by the Center and State Government.

The belief of all the research team is that it will boost the festive sparing a little, because its reach will be more and people will also take this risk. But the question comes, then why should it cost 8000 crores behind it? Sarkar has no answer to this.

What was it supposed to be?

I am not an economist, so I cannot say whether an economic policy should be honey, but due to being associated with the market, some things are understood, and the investor himself can understand the pain of a common investor. So some things that Shay will say

1 Lower – Middle income group tax should be deducted immediately. It is these people who do major contributions in the country’s revenue, the country runs with their tax, now when they do not have jobs or busines, then the country should help them. How many people do government jobs in the country? Why are only those working in government jobs being helped? Don’t the common public like me and you need money? Tax cut or tax relief is one way that everyone will get relief, and people will start their work without fear.

2 In order to restart small business, the government should provide loans at least the interest rate, not through NBFCs, through government banks, their risk assessment should be done and loans should be given accordingly.

3 vacant government posts should be filled immediately, unemployed youth of the country who are wasting 24 hours to earn money from mobile, if they are admitted in technical or railway or construction or engineering or any government office, special when millions of people In such offices it is lying, then the economy will automatically come up, why young people will earn money, then they will spend, then your demand will increase.

Strict guidelines should be brought for 4 private companies so that they do not have to buy their employees by Tata Tata. Why can’t a million dollar company bear 4 months of loss? If this is the case, then he should not allow the company to do business. When profit is made, the entire profit company puts it on its account in the name of growth, when there is loss, the employees are immediately given out in the name of cost cutting. It means that it is up to the employer to die, there should be strict law against it.

If you, I and all of us, raise our voice, then only the common people of the country will reach the public, otherwise they will continue to be noisy, nothing will save money in the hands of one issue today and another issue tomorrow, and these Stimulus Impatical solutions will be given repeatedly in the name of the package. So friends Stay Informed, Stay Invested. Stimulus package update,

India GDP per capita 2020, IMF Report Bangladesh is ahead of India in capita on GDP?

India GDP per capita 2020

India GDP per capita 2020, IMF Prediction of Indian economy condition

Friends, the saying is that when the elephant falls in the mud, the ant also moves on it, it would not be right to call a country small or big, but according to the volume and size of the economy, there would have been a huge difference between Bangladesh and India. It was once upon a time, but the mud of Kovid has brought even such a huge economy of India to the ground.

According to data from the International Monetary Fund, ie, GDP growth in 2020 will outstrip Bangladesh by foot capita, this is seen to be the first time in the history of both countries. In today’s video, I will tell you what the full truth of this is, how much headline grubbing is this news and what is the truth really? But for that, watch the entire video till the end and subscribe to the channel

GDP per capita – 2020 & Covid

Friends first check the data. According to the IMF-World Economic Outlook (Wave), the GDP foot capita would grow by 4% to $ 1888 by the end of 2020 and India’s GDP pay capita would be $ 1877 by the end of 2020. This record of 10.5% of India from the prediction of the Decline is quite a question among the people of the whole country, how did this happen? However, how can a small country like Bangladesh, which became independent in 1971, leave India behind? Then it is already a prediction of Kehru, i.e. looking at the present data.

IMF statistians have said that these numbers can be like this. And one thing Miff also said that has not come to the headline, India’s GDP foot capita can grow to $ 2030 at a rate of 8.3% in 2021, and the same as Bangladesh’s 2021 GDP foot capita, to 5.4%. Will reach $ 1990. That is, in 2021, these numbers will change, but this is also prediction, and one thing is true that there is not much difference between these two numbers, then I will tell you how these numbers have reached so close, how India has lost its lead And what will be the effect in the future.

Bangladesh aur China Trade

India GDP per capita 2020, During the corona virus, the biggest shock to a country is that it is India, whether it is the patients of the corona virus or the economy, India has had to face problems with record numbers from both sides. But on the same side, Bangladesh does not appear to have much zeal in the corona. The reason for this is the good relations of China and Bangladesh and the export sector of Bangladesh. Trade in China and Bangladesh is around $ 15 billion,

India and Bangladesh’s trade is around 1 / 3rd of it. That is, Bangladesh has got the most support from China. And because of this, Bangladesh has registered a GDP growth rate of 8-9% in the last 5 years, India is stuck at the same growth rate of 3.2%. And this is the reason that in 2015 when India’s GDP used to be 40 times that of Bangladesh, the same GDP is going to be less than Bangladesh till the end of 2020.

India vs China

Friends, the 3rd World War will never be fought on the field, it will be fought either digitally, or economically, and with the help of our experts, this Economic 3rd World War has started. China started doing a lot of investment in the boarding countries of India like Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan from the start of this decade. China’s funding in Pakistan has increased so much that experts believe that Pakistan’s government is now only a shadow government, I am the player China.

There was a similar situation in Sri Lanka. In Bangladesh too, China had kept a lot of investment. The first result of this investment was incremental exports, export of consumer goods and electronic goods. In the fashion sector, the workforce of Bangladesh is named all over the world and everyone knows that the workforce is applied for so little expenditure, like Chinese tech. Workers are exploited in factories, double triple work is done in low payments. It is called Cheap Labore, and Bangladesh was already a very poor country, their 166 million population was too much for them, and hence it was easy to exploit the workforce.

And China has taken this opportunity. Bangladesh itself has also opened manufacturing units of major major US based and Europe based fashion brands, where there was a fierce fire a few days ago and many people have lost their lives. I mean to say that India is facing an economic war from all sides,

where all the countries and neighbors are competing against its busines and exports through chaper services. And that is the reason why there is no shortage in the exports of Bangladesh in Corona Lokhoun, where India closed the whole country, and because of this the economy of the country will come to Syed Decline, but Bangladesh’s exports were on and only a few Except imports, the other sectors were not affected.

It has become possible because Bangladesh is a small size country, so it is easy to monitor and implement many things. Apart from this, China and Bangladesh have a very poor record in the case of LABOR Human Rights, even some such data does not appear to be from Corona’s actual impact on the health of the workforce. The simple thing is that perhaps by playing his life, he has kept his exports and busineses on the corona, and due to the consumer drive economy, he is getting the benefit of the same. If we talk about industrial growth and manufacturing,

India GDP per capita 2020, if we talk about the overall busines of the country, then many good stepsindia have taken it and now it is to see how India bounces back in 2021. Only the jumlas will not feed the economy or the economy will not work, the situation in the situation is bad, the country workforce is very worried about what will happen tomorrow, NBFCs are going through all the bad times, car manufacturers are sitting on their heads, why? People do not want to spend money, because the income is not guaranteed, from above it has lost the life of small traders. So there is such a war all around against India’s economy,

how India handles it will be a matter to be seen. Only the business of IT companies is going on in the country and that too, how long will it last? There is no guarantee and not everyone can work in an IT company. How much the finance minister of the country knows about finance is also a big issue, because the way in which she is designing plans and stimulus, it seems that something has become like a khichdi in which no one is benefited.

So what is the way? Will the people of the country have to save themselves? Is becoming self-reliant the only way back? To get the answer, we have to wait until 2021 March, and until the corona is over. Till then stay connected with the channel and press the subscribe and like button. India GDP per capita 2020,

Vedanta Delisting Failure – What will happen next? Vedanta to become multibagger?

Vedanta Delisting Failure

Vedanta Delisting Failure

Vedanta Delisting Failure Friends, many people tried to close their shop due to Corona epidemic, Some non-banking corporations closed their businesses due to lack of liquidity, In the same pay share market, some companies used strange strategies and sometimes panic, Occasionally hitting the foursome, created a lot of trouble for the investors. Common public like you, who are most concerned about making sure of their investments, This is why it has become very challenging for us to save money now. Another name in this list is Vedanta which was a very stable company and still is,

But everyone felt very surprising, their decision to delist, if only one million in 5 months When the dollar company came down to delist its shares, what was the company doing for so many days? Where are their provisions and safety features? Or is it some other story through which the promoters have confirmed that Vedanta will emerge as a multibagger share in the coming days? The entire Article will give, and try to understand how the small investors have to fight together and understand the big players game in the market.

Angel Broking Shoutout

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It will tell you according to your salary, your preferences, which stocks or investment plan will be right for you. Apart from this, Angel Broking is the No1 full service broker of India, which means that you will get different advancements such as Special Advice and Portfolio Managers. So don’t delay and open your free demat account in Angel Broking today by clicking on the link given in the description.

Ramayana of Vedanta Delisting Failure

Friends Corona lockdown started on March 23, and May Bay was the country’s largest mineral and mining firm, Vedanta said that he will withdraw his shares from the market, that is, he will delist. Delisting process The reverse was going to happen through the book building process. The price of delisting was fixed 87.5 per share and the debt was fixed on October 5-9. Delisting means any company going back from public to private. This process is the exact opposite process of bringing an IPO. To delist, Shareholders get their shares back The company has to pledge.

According to the regulation of delisting (Regulation 17 1 (s)), in order to be successful the process of delisting, Promoter holding should be more than 90%, ie the holders will have to pledge the remaining 90% shares back to the company. Now you can understand that this process is voluntary, that is, if the holders do not pledge, If they feel that they are losing due to delisting then they will not pledge, and only then, Delisting will be failure ( Vedanta Delisting Failure ). And after the delisting procedure done last week, now it has come to the notice that the total shares have been pledged by the company, It is less than 90%. Hence delisting has spread.

Why did Vedanta Delisting Failure?

First understand why the Vedanta Delisting Failure. Vedanta’s share price started falling 1 week before lock down Announcement, Price reached 67-68 dollar per share in March Last Week, then when delisting announcement happened, That is, by May 2020, the share price had crossed the 89 dollar, but the delisting price was kept at 87.5.

It was a big reason that Public did not trust Vedanta’s assessment and price. People felt that even if the share price of Vedanta is increasing and the studios are increasing in lock down, Then when the demand for lock down will open, then the demand will increase further, Then why to sell the shares back at the discounted price? This was a very valid question and Vedanta could not answer this question and that is why the delisting spread. Vedanta Delisting Failure

Now what next Vedanta Delisting Failure

Now the direct question is what will happen next? Vedanta has 5 working days – since 9th October,
As long as they report that status of delisting will not accept delisting, Or will offer a new one. If the new offer is also around 87.5, then it will also fail. other side, The shares of Vedanta were quite running, after trading on 137 shares per share on 6th October, today the stock is at 99.75 and it is set to have lower circuit.

Keep one thing in mind here. This lower circuit is not for company performance, It has started from this news that Vedanta’s delisting has failed. And this is not some very bad news, Then what is the matter? Why is such an investor sentiment fluctuating? Experts have something else to say about this.

Vedanta Delisting Failure

What do the experts say?

On behalf of Manjas and Associates Lallap it has been said that some insider trading chances are seen here. Insider trading means when some investors know about major information such as delisting failure, Then they can take advantage of their issue, such as after liquidity, they can raise shares for less money, this information is done by other investors Due to lack of it, it is against trading rules and regulations and is called insider trading.

So, according to experts, the delisting process is a very difficult process, in which being successful is almost impossible. So why did Vedanta try delisting despite knowing this? Experts say they knew that delisting would happen, And because of that the share price will fall, then you will be able to raise more shares for less money, who will have insider information that the company is going to profit in the future. And like this maybe here, Some people are saying that there may be insider trading, if the delisting fails, maybe SEBI will also probe insider trading.

SAMCO Research, KRChoksey Research have all believed that this is a good chance to get high voice stocks at a low price.
Why the commodity market will go up in the next 10 years, Vedanta’s business domain is the commodity market.
And after the coronation of Corona, the access demand is about to arrive. According to this, Vedanta’s Revenue and PAT can grow at a rate of 1.3% and 4.3% CAGR from FY 20 to FY22.
According to Angel Broking’s advisory, the reverse book building process brings Vedanta’s share price closer to the stock at 320,

Now it remains to be seen whether the company announces something like this till October 15.
Citigroup has given a call but has increased the price from Rs 130 to Rs 150,
And said that due to non-address of minority shareholder Cairns, both the pressure will come on the stocks.
CLSA has given the tag of ootperform to Vantaa and reduced the price target to 118 from 133.
He says that the company’s debt issues can put negative effects in the near term.

But all agree with one thing that in the long term this company will go ahead. Special Vedanta
● expansion in zinc capacity,
● cost reduction in aluminum
● ramp-up in the oil and gas segment
Due to such features, the company will go up after 2022, so maybe this is a stock that will become a multibagger,

I gave you the first information for it so that you can stay ahead, get away from panic and connect with actual information,
Why is your money safe then you are safe. So subscribe my blog and wait for further analysis. Vedanta Delisting Failure

Dividend vs Buyback – Kaunsa Option better hai? TCS Buyback se hi hoga Fayda

Dividend vs Buyback

Dividend vs Buyback

Doston, Aap sabne Dividend aur Buyback ka naam zaroor sunahaoga. Kyun ki share market me paisa lagane waale investors ke liye ye dono hi diwali ki mithia kie jaise hain, jo saal me ek baar aate haain. Ab samajhte hain ke kya hai ye DIvidend aur Buyback. Lekin isse pehle ye jaan lijiye ki Desh ki Number 1 tech consultancy company, TCS, saal me ekbaar shares buyback karti hai aur is saal bhi wo buyback ke decision par vichar kar rahi hai. Agar aap investor hai, to aapke liye ye jaan na bahut zaroori hai ki aakhir ye Buyback aur dividend hai kya aur kaunsa aapke liye better option hai? To poora video end tak zaroor dekhiye aur channel ko subscribe zaroor kijiye.

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Dividend s BUyback

Agar koi company, apne saal bhar ke munafe ka ek hissa, apne investors ko pass on karna chahe, to uske do tareeke hote hai. Dividend vs Buyback

  1. Dividend: Iska matlab hai ke seedha cash benefit ya extra shares ka benefit apne investors ko dena.
  2. Buyback: Iska matlab hai company apne shares komarket me ek certain price se buyback karti hai ya khareed leti hai. Isse market se shares ka volume kam hota hai.

Ap aapka sawaal ye hoga ke kaunse companies ye payout deti hai? Kyun fir aap un companies ke shares ko khareed sakte hai aur ye saal me ekbar hone waale bonus ka fayda utha sakte hain. To doston, blue chip companies, ya badi established companies, jinka business kaafi saalon se established hai aur jinhone apna competitive power prove kiya hua hai market me, wohi companies dividend ya buyback ka rasta lete hain. Aise companies India me gine chune hai, jisme se, TCS ek hai. Yaad rakhiye ki koi bhi nayi company,ya startup, ya growth oriented company aise payouts ya buyback nahi deti.

Har company apne saal ke profits ka ek hissa retained earning ka taur par save karti hai, growth oriented companies in paiso ko naye business ventures me, ya fir apne cash reserve ke taur par use karti hai. Lekin blue chip companies in paiso ka ek hissa apne investors ko dividend ke tareeke se deti hai. Ya fir usi paiso se apne shares ko buy back karte hai, aur dono tareeke se investors ko fayda pahuchta hai. Lekin kisme aapka fayda zyada hai? Aayie, isko samajhte hain.

Practical Example- Dividend vs Buyback

Samjhiye ke company A ka market capitalization 10 Billion ka hai, inke shares 20 InR par trade kar rahe hai, ek saal me inko 10 billion ka profit hua hai. Inka net income margin 10% hai for a net income yaani – income after tax of 1 Billion. The earnings per share are INR2 per share (or $1 billion in profit/500 million shares). As a result, the stock is trading at a price-to-earnings multiple (P/E) of 10 (or 20 / 2 = INR10).

Ab ye company ne socha hai ke ye apna poora net income of 1 Billion ko apne shareholders me baant degi. Kaise hoga ye?

Scenario 1- Dividend Payout-Dividend vs Buyback

Dividend vs Buyback, Ab sochiye ke company ne 1 billion dividend diya, jiska matab hua INR 2 per share. Ab aapne agar 1000 shares khride the 20 INR per share ke bhaav par, yaani aapne kul invest kiya tha 20000 INR. Ab company ke dividend ke hisaab se  aapko milega 2*1000 yaani 2000 INR. Ye dividend taxable hai, agar 15% ka tax rate pakad ke chalte hai to 2000 me aapka tax katega 300 INR, yaani aapko milega 1700 Net dividend. To iska profit margin hua 1700/20000 yaani 8.5% return on investment.

BUyback Scenario- Dividend vs Buyback

Ab samajhte hain doosra option, yaani company, 1 billion INR se apne shares buyback karti hai. Buyback ka duration kuch bhi ho sakta hai aur price bhi alag ho sakta hai market price se, lekin, hum pakad te hain ki company ke 20 ke bhaav me bulk shares khareede hain, yaani 50 Million shares ko buyback kiya hai. To is buyback ke baad market me shares ka volume 500 million se kam hokar 450 million hoga. Abhi aapne jo 1000 shares 20INR ke bhaav pe liya tha uska valuation over the time badh jayega kyun ki number of shares kam ho gaye hain. Agar ek saal ke baad Net revenue and Net profit same rehta hai, yaani 10 billion and 1 billion, to fir 450 million shares ka earning per share hoga 2.22 INR. Agar Price to Earnings ratio same rehta hai, yaani 10, to fir shares abhi trade honge 22.2 INR par. TO abhi agar aapne apna 1000 shares becha, to aapko milega 2220 INR ka net munafa. Isme 15% ka tax laga to aapne haat me aaya net profit 2220 -333 = 1887 INR, Aur aapka after tax profit hoag 1887/20000 =9.4%jo dividend payout se zyada hai.

Kehna kya chahte ho bhai?

Kul milake ye kehna hai ke Buybak me immediate taxation nahi hota. Jab aap shares ko bechte hai tab hota ha taxation. Isliye agar company ke performance par koi bura asar nahi aaya, aur compay profit me chalti rahi, to dividend payout se Buyback me hamesha aapkozyada munafa hoga. Lekin agar company kisi wajah se loss me gayi aur agle ek do saal me uska net profit gir gaya, to fir EPS gir jayega aur aapka profit nahi hoga. Lekin Blue chip companies, jo aisa dividend deti hai, unke saath aisa nahi hota normally. To hum keh sakte hain ki Buyback hi investor ske liye better option hai. Dividend vs Buyback

TCS buyback me kya hoga?

Doston TCS bahut badi company hai aur desh ki no 1 TEch company hai (IT consultancy). Har saal TCS apne kuch shares ka buyback karti hai, is saal bhi wohi hoga. Pichla buyback 14 mahine pehle hua tha. Isliye agar aap TCS ka shares lenge ya le chuke hai, to long term me fayda hoga.

Lekin is baar ka maamla thoda alag bhi ho sakta hai. EPIC systemske caseme TCS ko $140 million ka penalty dena pad sakta hai aur isi wajah se TCS ne apne quarter results me 1800 Crore ke ass pass nikal ke rakha hai. Aur sirf yehi nahi, TCS ke upar aur bhi kuch cases US me ho chuke hai aur iscase ke final hearing me agar TCS haarta hai, to fir US me TCS ka business thoda problemtaic ho saktahai. Isi wajah se shayad short term me, yaani EPIC case ke final verdict ke baad shayad TCS shares thoda niche jaye, lekin long term me TCS zaroor isko sambhal payegi aur Buyback se aapko definitely fayda mil sakta hai. Dividend vs Buyback