Bank Nifty Trend Today

Bank Nifty Trend Today, Bank Nifty Future Today Trend

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Bank Nifty Trend Today

What will Bank Nifty today ? [26 Aug 2020]

bank nifty opened today at 23150 which is above the previous day’s closing price of 23078. bank nifty opened today in gap up 78 point jump. Bank nifty is in an uptrend with the level of strong support 23106 in the 1-hour chart. Today if the bank breaks down nifty strong support 23106 levels, then there may be a downward trend. because today bank nifty is above support level in 1-hour chart or 2-hour chart. bank nifty stay in strong buy position even if break the support level, then the probability of going down will be more

What is today’s Bank Nifty PCR open interest and PCR volume interest? [26 Aug 20]

Today Banknifty PCR open Interest Ratio 1.41 [CE] 11,323 [PE] 8,047 or Bank Nifty PCR volume Ratio 0.78 put [PE] 27,779 [CE] 35,579

Bank Nifty Trend Today Technical Chart

Bank Nifty Trend Today

What is today’s Bank Nifty Long Build Up strike price?

SymbolStrike PricePrev OICurr OICMP 26 Aug 2020Price Chg(%)OI Chg(%)
Bank Nifty Trend Today

What is a bank nifty strong resistance level? [10 Aug 2020]

According to the 1-hour technical chart, Bank Nifty today is trading below the near 50 moving average 22028. If the Bank Nifty breaks the 50 moving average levels according to the 1-hour technical chart, then it is likely to move upwards. Because of 50 moving average levels 22028 today strong resistance level.

Bank Nifty Trend Today

What will Bank Nifty today ? [07 Aug 2020]

Bank Nifty Trend Today 9.45 AM Compared to the previous day, bank nifty volume is much lower today. The bank nifty is trading above the 50-day moving average in the  Day chart. 50 days moving average level 21557. The Bank Nifty is in a struggle to break out the previous day’s closing price 21641.95, respecting the 50-day moving average level.

What is the next day nifty target?

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RSI-Relative Strength Index

MFI- Money flow index



And the nifty future target price has come out through previous day volatility calculus. Click on the link to know the Nifty Future Target Price. Bank Nifty Trend Today

Will Bank Nifty go down today? 07 Aug 2020

If the Bank Nifty breaks the 50-day moving average of 21556 today, then the downward trend may increase.

Bank Nifty Today Trend Chart [06 Aug 2020]

In the 1-hour chart, Bank Nifty is below 21730, Bank Nifty is testing a 50-day average of 21730 with an increase of 0.60%, trading above the super trend. If you breakout the level of Strong Resistance 21730 today, Bank Nifty can test the level of 22000.

Bank Nifty Strong Resistance or Strong Support [06 Aug 2020]

bank nifty today strong resistance 21730 or strong support level 21408

What Will Bank Nifty Today [06 Aug 2020]

The situation is in slow motion, with the Bank Nifty trading in a narrow range as per the 1-hour and 15-minute chart.

Bank Nifty Trend Today

Bank Nifty Today Trading View

Bank Nifty Option Chain Trading View 06 Aug 2020

Bank Nifty Option Chain Analysis, Banknifty Weekly Max Pain Analysis 06-08-2020
Today MAX PAIN Level 21600
Lower Range 21200
Upper Range 22000
Highest Call OI 22000
Highest Put OI 21000
2nd Highest Call OI 22500
2nd Highest Put OI 21500
PCR Put-Call Ratio 0.80
IV Implied Volatility 0.00
Change in OI Today
Puts Today -156524
Calls Today -158121

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